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I) Alphabetical: (back to top)

  1. Alkali Flats Trail (White Sand National Monument)
  2. Archenback Canyon (Organ Mountains)
  3. Argentina Peak (Sierra Blanca Range)
  4. Bajada Knoll via Slot Canyon (Robledo Mountains)
  5. Baylor Pass (Organ Mountains)
  6. Beeman Canyon (Sacramento Mountains)
  7. Big Bonito Creek to White Horse Hill (Sierra Blanca Range)
  8. Bishop’s Cap And Pyramid Peak (Organ Mountains)
  9. Brushy Peak (Caballo Mountains)
  10. Cabezon Peak (desert feature on Mt Taylor volcanic field)
  11. Capitan Peak (Capitan Mountains)
  12. Carrizo Peak (Capitan Mountains)
  13. Cerro Pedernal (Jemez Mountains)
  14. Copper Canyon to South Baldy (Magdalena Mountains)
  15. Cookes Peak (Cookes Range)
  16. Cox Peak (Potrillo Volcanic Area)
  17. Dog Canyon, not-quite-to Sun Spot (Sacramento Mountains)
  18. Domingo Baca, Crest and Pino Canyon Trails (Sandia Mountains)
  19. East Railroad Canyon (Black Range)
  20. Florida Peak – South Summit (Florida Mountains)
  21. East Franklin Mts State Park (desert ramble at foot of Franklin Mts)
  22. Embudito Trail (Sandia Mountains)
  23. Embudo Trail/Whitewash Trail (Sandia Mountains)
  24. Franklin Peak North (Franklin Mountains)
  25. Gallinas Canyon (Black Range)
  26. Gila River: Lower Gila & Turkey Creek (Pinos Altos Range)
  27. Gila River: West To Middle Fork Traverse (Mogollon Mountains)
  28. Guadalupe Peak Trail (Guadalupe Mountains National Park)
  29. Hillsboro Peak from Emory Pass (Black Range)
  30. Indian Hollow To Pine Tree Trail (Organ Mountains)
  31. Kilbourne Hole (desert outlier; caldera south of Las Cruces)
  32. La Luz Trail (Sandia Mountains)
  33. Lake Peak, Deception Peak and Penitente Peak loop (Sangre de Cristo)
  34. Marble Canyon, Cuts N4-N3 and N2  (Sacramento Mountains)
  35. Marble Canyon South (Sacramento Mountains)
  36. Mars Canyon/Ladera Canyon Loop (Organ Mountains)
  37. McKittrick Canyon (Guadalupe Mountains, GMNP)
  38. Myers Cabin from Springtime Campground (San Mateos, Soccoro Cty)
  39. Nogal Peak (Sierra Blanca Range)
  40. North Las Uvas Mountain (Sierra de las Uvas)
  41. Organ Peak (Organ Mountains)
  42. Organ Needle summit (Organ Mountains)
  43. Ortega Canyon (Sacramento Mountains)
  44. Ortega Mt “A Trail” (Sacramento Mountains)
  45. Picacho Peak (desert outlier, in Las Cruces)
  46. Pine Shadow Trail T170A (to Manzano Peak, Manzano Mountains)
  47. Pine Pass (Organ Mountains)
  48. Pine Tree Trail (Organ Mountains)
  49. Pino Canyon Trail (Sandia Mountains)
  50. Robledo and Lookout Peaks (Robledo Mountains)
  51. Rabbit Ears Plateau (Organ Mountains)
  52. Rabbit Ear Plateau (exploratory, Organ Mts)
  53. Mt Riley (Potrillo Volcanic Field)
  54. Rock Springs Canyon (on Vick’s Peak, San Mateo Mountains)
  55. San Mateo Peak (San Mateo Mountains – Socorro)
  56. Santa Fe Baldy (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
  57. Sierra Blanca (Sierra Blanca Range)
  58. Shark’s Tooth (Organ Mountains)
  59. South Rabbit Ear Spire (Organ Mountains)
  60. South Sandia Peak Loop (Sandia Mountains)
  61. Three Rivers Canyon (Sierra Blanca Range)
  62. Tortuga Mt (aka Mt A, desert outlier near Las Cruces)
  63. Mt Taylor (San Mateo Mountains)
  64. Turtleback Peak (a.k.a Caballo Cone, Caballo Mountains)
  65. Valles Canyon (Sierra de las Uvas)
  66. Vick’s Peak via Rock Springs Canyon (San Mateo Range of Socorro County)
  67. West Railroad Canyon (Black Range)
  68. Wheeler Peak (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
  69. Windy Gap from Aguirre Springs (Organ Mountains)


II) By Range: (back to top)

Black Range:

  1. East Railroad Canyon
  2. Gallinas Canyon
  3. Hillsboro Peak from Emory Pass
  4. West Railroad Canyon

Caballo Mountains:

  1. Brushy Mountain
  2. Turtleback Peak (a.k.a Caballo Cone)

Capitan Mountains:

  1. Capitan Peak
  2. Carrizo Peak

Cookes Range:

  1. Cookes Peak

Desert Outliers (not in a mountain range):

  1. Alkali Flats Trail (White Sands National Monument)
  2. Cabezon Peak (on Mt Taylor Volcanic Field)
  3. Cox Peak (Potrillo-Aden Volcanic Area)
  4. Kilbourne Hole (Portrillo Volcanic Field)
  5. Picacho Peak (in Las Cruces)
  6. Mt. Riley (Potrillo Volcanic Field)
  7. Tortuga Mt (aka Mt A, in Las Cruces)

Franklin Mountains:

  1. East Franklin Mts State Park ramble
  2. Franklin Peak

Florida Mountains:

  1. Florida Peak – South Summit

Guadalupe Mountains:

  1. Guadalupe Peak
  2. McKittrick Canyon

Jemez Mountains:

  1. Cerro Pedernal

Magdalena Mountains:

  1. Copper Canyon to South Baldy Peak (and explore towards North Baldy)

Manzano Mountains:

  1. Pine Shadow Trail to Manzano Peak

Mogollon Mountains

  1. Gila River: West To Middle Fork Traverse

Organ Mountains:

  1. Archenback Canyon
  2. Baylor Pass
  3. Bishop’s Cap And Pyramid Peak
  4. Indian Hollow to Pine Tree Pass
  5. Mars Canyon/Ladera Canyon Loop
  6. Organ Peak from Dripping Springs
  7. Organ Needle summit
  8. Pine Pass from Dripping Springs
  9. Pine Tree Trail from Aguirre Springs 
  10. Rabbit Ears Plateau 
  11. Rabbit Ear Plateau (exploratory)
  12. Shark’s Tooth
  13. South Rabbit Ear Spire 
  14. Windy Gap from Aguirre Springs

Pinos Altos Mountains:

  1. Gila River: Lower Gila & Turkey Creek

Robledo Mountains

  1. Bajada Knoll via Slot Canyon
  2. Robledo and Lookout Peaks

Sacramento Mountains:

  1. Beeman Canyon
  2. Dog Canyon, not-quite-to Sun Spot
  3. Marble Canyon, Cuts N4-N3 and N2
  4. Marble Canyon South
  5. Ortega Canyon
  6. Ortega Mt “A Trail

San Mateo Mountains (Cibola County):

  1. Mt Taylor

San Mateo Mountains (Socorro County)

  1. Myers Cabin from Springtime Campground (Shipman Trail, T50)
  2. Rock Springs Canyon (on Vick’s Peak)
  3. San Mateo Peak
  4. Vick’s Peak via Rock Springs Canyon

Sandia Mountains

  1. Domingo Baca, Crest and Pino Canyon Loop
  2. Embudito Trail
  3. Embudo Trail/Whitewash Trail
  4. La Luz Trail
  5. Pino Canyon Trail
  6. South Sandia Peak Loop (Hawk Watch, Crest, Embudito, 3 Guns Canyon trails)

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

  1. Lake Peak, Deception Peak and Penitente Peak
  2. Santa Fe Baldy
  3. Wheeler Peak

Sierra Blanca Range:

  1. Argentina Peak
  2. Big Bonito Creek to White Horse Hill
  3. Nogal Peak
  4. Sierra Blanca
  5. Three Rivers Canyon

Sierra de las Uvas:

  1. North Las Uvas Mountain
  2. Valles Canyon

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